Graduate research degrees

Here's a quick guide to applying to undertake graduate research at the University:

Step 1

Determine research interest and find a potential supervisor

Before you start the application process, you need to determine the research topic you want to explore and find out which University of Melbourne Faculty or Graduate School can best accommodate your research interests and project. You may also want to read this overview of research opportunities.

You may need to identify a potential supervisor (some graduate schools manage this process for applicants). You will work under the guidance of a supervisor throughout the duration of your research degree. You can identify potential supervisors in two ways:

Step 2

Prepare an application

It is essential to read and understand the specific entry requirements and application documentation required by your prospective Faculty or Graduate School.

Please be aware that some Faculties or Graduate Schools have additional processes for applying for a graduate research degree and/or require you make contact with them prior to submitting a formal application. It is essential that you follow their unique pre-application process. Failure to do this may result in a delay assessing your application.

Questions to ask:

  • Is there a pre-application process?
  • Do I need to engage a supervisor?
  • Do I need to write a detailed research proposal?

Step 3

Submit an application

Applicants to the University of Melbourne use the online application to apply for all graduate research degrees and to make a scholarship application. If you are a current University of Melbourne graduate research student wishing to apply for a scholarship, please do so online via the Student Portal.

Please be sure to attach in full all relevant supporting documents. We may not be able to accept incomplete applications.

If you have questions about how to complete or submit your application, please contact us via the relevant online form (domestic or international) and indicate "Graduate Research" in the subject line.

For information on the status of your application once you have been informed that it is complete, please contact your prospective Faculty or Graduate School admissions contact.

Check out our frequently asked questions page for more useful information.

Application Form for Admission to Graduate Research Degree Candidature and Scholarship

Online Graduate Research Application Form

Application for PhD study supported by the China Scholarship Council

Applications for PhD study supported by the China Scholarship Council are now closed. There may be a further round for applications in May 2014. More information will be posted in coming months.

This form should only be used by applicants applying to undertake a PhD program supported by the China Scholarship Council. All other applicants should apply using the RHD application form above. Applications close on 31 January 2014.

PhD (CSC) Application form.doc (480kB)
Please use this Word 2003 version to type your information into the form.

PhD (CSC) Application form.pdf (726kB)
Please use this version to print out and complete by hand.

Download2013 China Scholarship Council brochure (665kB)

Referee Reports

Applicants must provide academic references in accordance with the instructions in the online application form. References must be completed using the Academic Referee Report Form.

Academic Referee Report Form (442kB)

Applicants who have relevant research/professional experience gained through employment must provide an employer reference for each role listed in your application and CV. The reference should be submitted using the Employer Referee Report Form.

Employer Referee Report Form (384kB)

Creative Works

If you have produced any creative works/performances (e.g. folios, recordings, compositions, exhibitions, performances, film, landscape/design projects etc.) in the areas of Visual Art, Performing Arts, Film and Music, you are required to attach evidence as detailed on the Eligible Research Output Types: Creative Works table.

Agreement for a jointly awarded PhD Degree Form

If you are applying for a jointly awarded PhD you will need to complete this form as well as the Application Form for Admission to Graduate Research Degree Candidature and Scholarship.

Agreement for a jointly awarded PhD Degree Form (268.5kb)