Indicative Turnaround Times for Course Applications

Your application will be assessed faster if you apply for one intake and provide all the requirement information at the time of application.

Tips to consider:

  • Unless otherwise advised by the graduate school, apply for one Fee Type only Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) or Australian Fee Paying (AF) (in most instances if you are not successful in receiving a CSP you may be automatically considered for an AF place without applying).
  • ensure full supporting documentation is provided at the time of application
  • apply for the next available admissions period
  • avoid unnecessary delays and reset your password rather than register as a new applicant if you have previously been enrolled or applied for a course at the University of Melbourne. You can do this by following the instructions regarding how to retrieve your former username and password during the early stages of your online application or click here to reset your password or contact Stop 1 to have your account details emailed to you.

The following table provides indicative turn-around times of assessment, where all supporting documents have been submitted, and your application is for the next available intake:

Undergraduate 2 - 4 weeks *
Graduate coursework 4 - 8 weeks *
Graduate Research 8 - 12 weeks *

*Please note: The indicative turnaround times listed above will not be relevant if: the course that you have applied for makes selection decisions only at set times during the year, using selection rounds or selection committees, or if results of admissions tests are required and have not yet been released (e.g. GMAT, LSAT).

For information on the Concurrent Diplomas, Community Access Program (CAP) and the University of Melbourne Extension Program please click here.

Refer to the relevant Faculty or Graduate School website for details about selection schedules for the course that you have applied for:

Faculty/Graduate School Degree type
Architecture, Building and PlanningAll degrees

Graduate coursework

Graduate research

Business and Economics

Graduate coursework

Graduate research

EducationAll degrees
EngineeringAll degrees (indicated turnaround times as above)
Fine Arts and MusicAll degrees
LawAll degrees
Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

Graduate coursework

Graduate research

ScienceAll degrees
Veterinary and Agricultural SciencesAll degrees

Future intake periods

If you have applied for a future intake for which selection has not yet commenced, the indicative turnaround timeframes above should be applied from the date assessment commences for that intake rather than the date you submitted your application. The following table details the month when assessment of your application is likely to commence based on the intake applied for.

  Mid Year/July 2018 Intake Start Year/Feb 2019 Intake Mid Year/July 2019 Intake
Application  via VTAC
Undergraduate (domestic and onshore international)June 2018 January 2019 June 2019
Masters of Teaching (domestic students only)No Intake January 2019 No Intake
Application directly to the University
All other degrees Assessment normally commences March 2018 Assessment normally commences August 2018 Assessment normally commences March 2019

Please note: Scholarship applications will be assessed in accordance with scholarship deadlines.