Access Melbourne: How to apply

Step 1

Before you apply

Applications for Access Melbourne are made using the SEAS (Special Entry Access Scheme) application on the VTAC website. This form allows all institutions participating in the VTAC system to receive applications for their special entry schemes. Your SEAS application will be viewed by all the institutions for which you've listed a course preference.

Each of the Access Melbourne eligibility criteria corresponds to a SEAS category:

Access Melbourne category Corresponding category for SEAS application
Disadvantaged financial background Category 3: Disadvantaged financial background
Applicants from rural or isolated areas Category 1: Personal information and location
Under-represented schools Category 1: Personal information and location
Difficult circumstances Category 2: Difficult circumstances
Disability or medical condition Category 4: Disability or medical condition
Recognition as an Indigenous Australian Category 1: Personal information and location
Non-English speaking background Category 1: Personal information and location
Mature-age consideration
(non-school leaver entry pathway)
Category 1: Personal information and location

Please note that different institutions may have different criteria for the same SEAS category. You should check the SEAS website for details to make sure you're meeting the criteria for all the institutions you wish to apply for. The information on this website applies only to the University of Melbourne.

Step 2

Applying for Access Melbourne

1. Register and submit a course application with VTAC

2. Login to your VTAC user account and submit a SEAS application before the deadline

3. Submit your supporting statements and required evidence to VTAC before the deadline

For the University of Melbourne it is not necessary to submit a separate application form for scholarships through VTAC. All Access Melbourne applicants will automatically be considered for Melbourne Access Scholarships; Indigenous Scholarships; Mildura Alumni Scholarships and Bridget and Alexander Jones Memorial Scholarships.

Application hints

  • Applying should take approximately one hour.
  • For categories requiring a personal impact statement, you may find it useful to draft your statement in a word processing program first. This way you can also use the word count to check that you will not exceed the character limit.
  • You can complete and submit each category separately if you are eligible for more than one.
  • You can save an incomplete category entry and complete it later.
  • Once you have finished a category, you should submit it.
  • Make sure that all categories are submitted (not just saved) by the deadline.
  • Try to complete your application well before the deadline — a number of categories will require additional follow-up.

What do I include with my application

For some Access Melbourne categories you will need to supply evidence to support your claims. Each category has specific evidence requirements, but the type of information required may include:

  • An impact statement describing how your circumstances have affected your education.
  • A statement of support from a responsible, independent person such as a staff member from your school, religious or community leader, doctor or other health professional.
  • Documentary proof such as certified photocopies of a Centrelink statement, etc.

Check the eligibility criteria for detailed information about what must be submitted for each category.