Applications: Graduate Access Melbourne

Step 1

Confirm your eligibility

Refer to the eligibility criteria under each Graduate Access Melbourne category to confirm that the description matches your circumstances.

Step 2

Complete the Graduate Access Melbourne application form

Download a copy of the Graduate Access Melbourne application form and complete.


  • Completion of a Graduate Access form is not required if Women in Engineering is the only Graduate Access category being applied for. All female Engineering applicants will automatically be considered. If you are applying for another category please also tick the Women in Engineering box on the form.
  • Students applying for entry into the Melbourne Juris Doctor (JD), for relevant Melbourne Law School (MLS), for relevant Faculty of Business and Economics, for relevant Faculty of the Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music; or for Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (GSHSS) courses under the Disadvantaged socioeconomic circumstances category must complete the Disadvantaged socioeconomic circumstances - supplementary form.

Step 3

Prepare supporting documentation

Supporting documentation may be required for the Graduate Access Melbourne categories that you are applying for, and this must be submitted with the application form. Refer to the application form for detailed information about supporting documentation for the different categories. Copies of supporting documentation must be certified.

Step 4

Submit your Graduate Access Melbourne application with your course application

Once you have completed the Graduate Access Melbourne application form, this should be saved as a PDF and uploaded in support of your online course application or printed and submitted along with your hard-copy course application. All required supporting documentation must be submitted with your Graduate Access Melbourne application.

If you are applying to more than one course you must upload (or print and submit) a copy of the Graduate Access Melbourne application form, together with certified copies of all supporting documentation, in support of each course application.

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