Domestic undergraduate applications

Starting at university can be daunting, but applying for a place shouldn't be. Here's a guide to help you through the application process at Melbourne.

Step 1

Before you apply

The first step is to figure out which course you want to study, and if you meet all of that course's entry requirements. At this stage, you should:

Step 2

How to apply

Domestic students (commencing both first-year and later-year entry) apply for undergraduate courses through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC). Through VTAC, you can list up to 8 course preferences. You should list courses in your order of preference with the course of greatest interest listed first. Be sure that your application is finalised by the VTAC due dates.

Australian students studying overseas

If you are a domestic student studying outside Australia, you must submit your final results, when available, to the Victoria Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) – not the University of Melbourne. You can submit a VTAC application before your results are received but selection will only be based on your final academic results.

See the information for Australian students studying overseas for more details on entry requirements and how to apply.

Access Melbourne

Access Melbourne is the University of Melbourne's special entry and access scholarships scheme. If you meet the eligibility criteria, we strongly encourage you to apply for Access Melbourne. Access Melbourne can enhance your opportunity for selection, even if your ATAR is below the Clearly-in Rank for a course. In some cases eligible Access Melbourne applicants will be guaranteed a place in a course. Scholarships are also available.

Mid-year entry

A number of undergraduate courses accept applications for mid-year entry. Please refer to the mid-year entry page for detailed information about the available courses, the indicative entry standards and the application process. This page will be updated in April each year with information about the upcoming intake.

Transferring to a course after first year

If you have already completed part of a university degree, you can apply to gain entry to a course at second year level or higher. If the course is available to commencing students, you should apply in the standard manner, through VTAC.

If the course you wish to apply for is no longer available to commencing students you should contact National Admissions to check if later year entry is possible and if so, what the application process is.

What if I want to change my preferences?

If you would like to change the course preferences you submitted with VTAC, you can do this between specified dates – see the VTAC website for details.

Step 3

After you apply - accepting your offer

If your VTAC application is successful, you will receive an offer email from the University with instructions about how to accept your offer and enrol in your course online. To find out when offers will be released, see our list of important dates. For more information about accepting your offer and enrolling, visit the Get Started website.

Information about negotiated offers.

What if I receive an offer but I'm not ready to start studying now - can I defer?

It may be possible to defer the commencement of your studies at the start of the year but applications to defer are not accepted for the mid-year intake (July).

Please refer to the University's deferral policy to check if the course you have been offered accepts deferral applications.

Step 4

Preparing for study

Once you've accepted your offer to study at Melbourne, you'll want to start planning your Melbourne experience, if you haven't already started doing so. Preparing yourself for study isn't just about choosing your subjects and buying your textbooks. Here are some other things you'll want to look into.


Melbourne offers plenty of housing options, but finding a place to live can be complicated if you're coming from somewhere else. Some students choose to live in campus residences, some choose to stay with a local family, while most Australian students choose "share housing" where a number of students live together close to the University. Which ever you choose, it's best to plan your accommodation early.

Enrolment and orientation

The first steps in your new academic life will be to complete your enrolment and Orientation. Orientation is designed to help ease your entry into campus life. To assist you with your move to tertiary study, Transition and Orientation has advice and information to help you understand all aspects of university life, including what to expect when enrolling.

Fun while you study

Being at university isn't all hard work. Life on campus can be great fun too! For more information on activities and events outside of classes, take a look at the following:

Leadership and Volunteering

Challenge yourself, develop confidence, or enhance your leadership/team and interpersonal skills. Would you like to get involved in the community, connect with others at university or make new friends? How about gaining work experience, going on an adventure or just having fun? If you answer yes, come and visit Equity and student engagement initiatives.

Other services

The University has a range of services available for helping you out while you study, such as finding a job, getting help with your study, health care or child care.