Satisfying course prerequisites

There are a number of ways that you can satisfy course prerequisites for our undergraduate degrees:

VCE Units 3 and 4 prerequisite

CAP (assessed mode) subject*


Choose one of the following:
Biology of Cells and Organisms or  Genetics and the Evolution of Life


Fundamentals of Chemistry


Choose one of the following:
Modern and Contemporary Literature
Literature and Performance

Mathematical Methods

Introduction to Mathematics


Physics 1: Fundamentals

Specialist Mathematics

Calculus 1

*Refer to the University Handbook for more information about these subjects.

For prerequisite VCE subjects that require a study score of 25 listed above, a pass (50 – 64 per cent) in the corresponding first year CAP (assessed mode) subject will be required to satisfy the prerequisite.

Meeting the English prerequisite

Any of the methods listed for satisfying the University’s English language requirement will also satisfy an English prerequisite.

Meeting the Mathematical Methods prerequisite

Successful completion of the University of Melbourne Calculus and Probability Online subject.
Successful completion of UniLearn Senior Mathematics with an overall grade of at least 60% satisfies the University’s mathematical methods prerequisite.

Meeting the Biology prerequisite

Successful completion of UniLearn Biology (which must include online lab activities) with an overall grade of at least 75% satisfies the University’s Biology prerequisite.

Meeting the Chemistry prerequisite

In order to satisfy the Chemistry prerequisite, university or TAFE Chemistry subjects need to include a significant practical component - Online tertiary Chemistry subjects will not satisfy the University’s Chemistry prerequisite. Contact us to confirm if the subject you plan to complete is appropriate.