Summary of undergraduate offers in 2016

Interested in learning more about gaining entry to your dream course?

In the charts below you can find information such as last year’s Clearly-in Ranks (CIR) for our undergraduate courses, and the distribution of ATARs among those prospective students who were given offers of places.

It’s worth noting how many students received an offer, including through access and equity programs - in particular the number of students eligible for Access Melbourne who were admitted with an ATAR below the Clearly-in Rank.

Offers to Domestic Students in 2016

Undergraduate Course Total Domestic Offer Current Year 12 Offer Non-Current Year 12^ Offer 2016 Clearly-in Rank Total Offers to students eligible for Access Melbourne# Offers to Access Melbourne# eligible students below the Clearly-in Rank
Bachelor of Arts 2175 1823 352 88.85 601 295
Bachelor of Biomedicine 725 606 119 98.30 196 122
Bachelor of Commerce 1212 1001 211 95.00 372 226
Bachelor of Environments 533 337 196 85.00 100 43
Bachelor of Music 228 157 71 NA% 41 NA%
Bachelor of Science 2767 2330 437 85.00 728 185

ATAR Quartile Distributions for Domestic Students (Current Year 12) in 2016

Course Highest ATAR Upper 25% Median Lower 25%
Bachelor of Arts 99.95 96.70 93.35 90.25
Bachelor of Biomedicine 99.95 99.60 99.10 98.35
Bachelor of Commerce 99.95 98.60 97.00 95.15
Bachelor of Environments 99.85 93.90 89.35 86.90
Bachelor of Science 99.95 96.75 93.20 88.75

Australian current year 12 ATAR offer distribution by Course 2016
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CIR: Clearly-in Rank: The point at or above which all offers for Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) are made to domestic students. The Clearly-in Rank is not set in advance and may vary from year to year.

ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank): A rank calculated for tertiary institutions to compare the overall achievement of students who have completed different combinations of Australian Year 12 studies.

Highest ATAR: The highest ATAR achieved by a student to whom an offer was made.

Upper 25%: The ATAR below which three quarters of offers were made.

Median: The ATAR in the middle of all of the entry offers.

Lowest 25%: the ATAR below which one quarter of offers were made.

Access Melbourne: Access Melbourne is the University’s special entry access scheme. Access Melbourne assists prospective students to gain entry to an undergraduate course even if their ATAR is below the Clearly-in Rank.  For more details on eligibility.

Technical notes:

% Bachelor of Music selects on criteria other than ATAR, including an audition and musicianship tests.

^ Non Current Year 12 contains all other VTAC categories, I.E. applicants transferring from other institutions, mature age, and with overseas year 12 studies. Selection for these applicants is based on performance in secondary, tertiary or pathway qualifications, or a combination of these.

# Access Melbourne and Equity Programs.