Australian Year 12

Minimum Year 12 scores

The following are the guaranteed entry scores for international students completing an Australian Year 12 and applying to enter the university in 2016 or 2017*.

Course name 2016 Australian Year 12 Guaranteed ATAR 2017 Australian Year 12 Guaranteed ATAR
Agriculture 70.00 70.00
Arts 85.00 85.00
Biomedicine 96.00 96.00
Commerce 93.00 94.00
Design 85.00 85.00
Fine Arts NA^ NA^
Music NA^ NA^
Oral Health 85.00#^ 85.00#^

* The University of Melbourne guarantees admission to a course when an international student achieves the required score as listed above, has met the course prerequisites, has achieved the required grades in specified prerequisite subjects and has satisfied the English language requirements and there are still places in the course at the time of acceptance. If a student does not meet the guaranteed score, then the application cannot be considered for entry. The guaranteed scores apply only if no further study has been undertaken after completion of an Australian Year 12.

# Indicative score only, entry is not guaranteed.
^ Applicants must be qualified for University entry and have satisfied the course-specific extra requirements.