Selection of applicants using the NCEA as a basis for entry

The University’s requirements for NCEA applicants are:

  • Successful completion of NCEA 3;
  • Completion of at least 80 credits at level 3;
  • Successful completion of course prerequisites (see Course Search or the Undergraduate Prospectus for details).

To determine an overall standard the results an applicant receives in the NCEA are assigned a numerical value:

Achieved with Excellence5
Achieved with Merit3.5

Where more than 80 credits have been completed at level 3 only the 80 credits with the best results are considered. We convert the grades to the numerical values given above, then divide the total by the maximum possible to obtain a percentage.

For example: an applicant achieves the following grades as their best 80 results:

  • 40 x Achieved with Excellence
  • 32 x Achieved with Merit
  • 8 x Achieved

First the numerical values are assigned:

40 (Achieved with Excellence) x 5 (numerical value for this grade) = 200
32 (Achieved with Merit) x 3.5 (numerical value for this grade) = 112
8 (Achieved) x 2.5 (numerical value for this grade) = 20
Total = 332

The table below gives the minimum entry standards for the various undergraduate degrees.  Note that these are minimums and the standard required for a Commonwealth supported place is likely to be higher depending on the availability of and demand for places in the course.

CourseMinimum average required in the best 80 level 3 credits
Oral Health83%