Fee tables and calculations

Every graduate subject at the University has a study load and has been assigned to one of the student contribution bands shown in the table below. Some graduate courses require students to enrol in subjects from more than one student contribution band for a total study load across all subjects of 100 credit points per year.

The total amount you are charged is the sum of the fees for all subjects in which you enrol. The Handbook lists all the subjects you can take in your course and their corresponding subject codes. The subject EFSTL value can be used to work out the cost of each subject.

  • 2017 Student Contribution Amounts


    Annual student contribution amount for 1 Equivalent Full-Time Student Load (EFTSL).
    Your actual student contribution will be charged by subject.

    Band 1

    Humanities, behavioural science, social studies, education (see Notes), clinical psychology, foreign languages, visual and performing arts, nursing (see Notes)

    $6,349 per standard year*

    $793 per standard subject (12.5 credit points)

    Band 2

    Mathematics, statistics, computing, built environment, other health, allied health, science, engineering, surveying, agriculture

    $9,050 per standard year*

    $1,131 per standard subject (12.5 credit points)

    Band 3

    Law, accounting, administration, economics, commerce, dentistry, medicine, veterinary science

    $10,596 per standard year*

    $1,324 per standard subject (12.5 credit points)

*Notes for the Student Contribution Amount tables

  • Services and amenities fees: Students in a Commonwealth Supported Place will also be charged a services and amenities fee in addition to their student contribution amounts. (See Other fees and costs).
  • Pre-2010: If you began your course of study prior to 1 January 2010 you may be considered a pre-2010 student.

In 2017, pre-2010 students will be charged $5,081 per EFTSL for education and nursing subjects.

Working it out - an example fee calculation

Anna is a domestic student who enrols in the Master of Environment in 2017, commencing in Semester 1. She enrols in 8 subjects for a total of 100 credit points (1 EFTSL), or a standard full-time study load for one year of study:

  • 2 Agriculture subjects (12.5 credit points each)
  • 3 Education subjects (12.5 credit points each)
  • 3 Humanities subjects (12.5 credit points each)

The student contribution amounts in 2017 are $9,050/EFTSL for Agriculture, $6,349/EFTSL for Education and $6,349/EFSTL for Humanities. Anna's total contribution for 2017 is calculated as:

(2 x 0.125 x $9,050) : 2 Agriculture subjects
+ (3 x 0.125 x $6,349) : 3 Education subjects
+ (3 x 0.125 x $6,349) : 3 Humanities subjects (12.5 credit points)