Fees for international graduate students

These pages outline the tuition fees for international graduate students as well as some other fees and costs you will need to consider when studying at the University of Melbourne.

Tuition fees are charged for each year that you are enrolled and you will pay tuition fees according to your specific enrolment in any given semester.

These tuition fees are course-based fees* which means you'll pay according to the degree you are studying and your study load.

Our range of scholarships and awards can help relieve you of your study costs by providing living allowances and/or fee remission scholarships.

If you are commencing studies with us in 2017 or 2018

Please make sure you review the relevant terms and conditions, tuition fee tables, and the University of Melbourne’s Student Fees and Charges Policy before completing your administrative enrolment. Once you enrol, you will be bound by the University’s fees policy, procedures, terms and conditions, and are agreeing to pay tuition fees for every year in which you are enrolled.

More information

* Office for Environmental Programs' courses are charged on a per-subject basis.