Payments and refunds

When is payment due?

You'll need to pay a minimum deposit payment of $AUD 10,000 by the date specified in your offer letter to confirm acceptance of your offer.

Once you have enrolled, an invoice for the balance of your tuition fees for the semester (or study period) will be available, and you'll be required to pay by the date specified on the invoice.

Further invoices will be available online for each subsequent semester (or study period) and you will need to pay by the date specified on each invoice.


  • It is your responsibility to pay your fees and complete your enrolment by the published date; otherwise a late fee will be levied.
  • If your fees remain unpaid, your enrolment will be cancelled and you will then need to reapply for admission to the course. You will remain liable for any outstanding debt. The University is required to advise the Department of Immigration and Border Protection of any cancellation of enrolment. This may lead to the cancellation of your student visa.

Payment options

You have two payment options: standard instalment or dual instalment. Your invoice will be available on line via your student portal as soon as you enrol in your subjects. All instalment options require at least one payment in advance of the commencement of classes.

For more information about payments including invoices and variations to fees owing, see Section 3: Payments and refunds of the Terms and conditions for international students:


The circumstances when the University is able and unable to refund all or part of the tuition fees you have paid in advance to the University, how to apply for a refund, and how refunds are paid are available in Section 3: Payments and refunds of the Terms and conditions for international students:

Detailed fee information, including the terms and conditions for payments and refunds will be provided when you are offered a place at the University.