Other fees and costs

There are other fees and costs associated with your studies that you need to consider.

Student Services and Amenities Fee

The Australian federal parliament passed legislation allowing Universities to charge students a Student Services and Amenities fee (SSAF) from 2012. You are required to pay this fee to maintain your enrolment. The amount you are required to pay will vary depending on your enrolment. For more information, see the Student Services and Amenities Fee page.

Other costs

Costs associated with my course

Depending on your course there may be textbooks and other equipment that is required as part of your study. You may also need to buy special items such as art materials or a lab coat.

Accommodation, living and other costs

Remember to factor in your accommodation, food and weekly bills, transport and other services.

Some University club memberships, Melbourne University Sport services or Student Union activities may charge additional fees.

More information about other fees and costs

The Student Services website has more information about the cost of living in Melbourne, as well as advice about planning and budgeting.