International students granted Australian permanent residency

Australian Government requirements do not permit you to enrol or remain enrolled as an international student if you have been granted Australian permanent residency. You must advise the University immediately.
If you are granted permanent residency before you are enrolled your application will be reassessed to determine if you are eligible to receive a Commonwealth funded place at the University:

  • If you have achieved the competitive academic standard for a Commonwealth supported place (CSP) and there are CSPs still available in the course, you will receive an offer for a CSP
  • If you do not satisfy the entry criteria for a CSP and/or there are no CSPs remaining you will be unable to enrol at the University at that time. There are no Australian fee-paying places available for commencing undergraduate students.

If you are granted permanent residency after you are enrolled, your enrolment will be converted to an Australian fee-paying place in the same course, where available. If your enrolment is converted to an Australian fee-paying place, the tuition fee will be as for all students commencing in the course in the year of the transfer.

You will be automatically considered for a Commonwealth supported place in the same course in the next available intake (or before the census date of the current semester if applicable).   Your application will be treated competitively with the rest of the application pool and selection will be based on your academic record. If you wish to transfer to a Commonwealth supported place in another University of Melbourne degree you will need to apply using the standard application procedure for your course.

For terms and conditions, your obligations and implications for your enrolment fees, tuition fees, etc please refer to the relevant policies.