Eligibility and applications

Selection criteria

  • You must complete an Australian Year 12 or the International Baccalaureate (IB) in Australia, or
  • Be an Australian citizen and have completed Australian Year 12 or the IB outside Australia
  • You must either enrol immediately or be granted a deferral in the year following Year 12
  • Have applied for a University of Melbourne course for commencement in the year following completion of Year 12 or IB via VTAC,
  • Have achieved an ATAR of:
    • At least 99.90 for students with a VTAC preference for a University of Melbourne bachelors degree
    • At least 99.85 and an audition score of A+ for students with a VTAC preference for the University of Melbourne Bachelor of Music
    • At least 90.00 for students of Indigenous Australian descent*
  • Not have undertaken any tertiary studies (excluding extension studies completed as part of a Year 12 program); and
  • Satisfy the prerequisites for your nominated course

* The status of Indigenous Australians must be confirmed by the Murrup Barak Melbourne Institute for Indigenous Development.


To apply for the Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship, you should apply through VTAC using the following course codes. Eligible students who have applied for admission to the University via VTAC will be automatically considered for the Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship.

Course name VTAC code for a Commonwealth supported place VTAC code for an international fee place
Bachelor of Arts
(Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship)
3800539001 3800539003
Bachelor of Biomedicine
(Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship)
3800539011 3800539013
Bachelor of Commerce
(Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship)
3800539021 3800539023
Bachelor of Design
(Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship)



Bachelor of Music
(Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship)
3800539041 3800539043
Bachelor of Science
(Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship)
3800539051 3800539053


The first offers are made a few days after the Victorian Year 12 ATAR results are released in December. Further offers are made in January and February to students who have completed IB or Year 12 outside Victoria. Scholarship offers do not represent an offer for admission to a University of Melbourne bachelors degree. Course offers are made separately through VTAC.

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