Respond to your offer

Congratulations on your offer to study at the University of Melbourne!

Respond to your offer by either accepting, deferring or declining.

I'm ready to enrol! I want to accept my offer.

Accept your offer by following the required steps on Get Started. After accepting your offer, you can start choosing your subjects and enrolling in classes.

Accept my offer

I'm not ready to enrol yet. I want to defer my offer.

If you want to delay studying at Unimelb, you can apply to defer your offer.

Defer my offer

I don't want to study at Unimelb. I want to decline my offer.

If you've received an offer for a place at Melbourne and decided not to accept, you can decline your offer.

Decline my offer

Information for VTAC applicants

If you're a VTAC applicant and need further information around timelines, second round offers, change of preference or mid-year entries, see Understanding your VTAC offer.