Regional Managers and International Office Network

We have staff in a number of countries, as well as a team of people here in Melbourne who visit their region on a regular basis.

Our staff host events and other opportunities to meet with students. See our calendar of events for details about the information sessions and student interviews in your region.

If you have any specific questions about studying at Melbourne, please feel free to contact one of our regional or country managers for assistance.

International Offices

The University of Melbourne has 7 offices in six countries.

CountryCountry / Regional ManagerTelephoneEmail
China Ms Lily XIE
Country Manager

Ms Dressie Fan
Marketing Manager
+86 10 85186918

India Mr Vinod Mirchandani
Country Manager
+91 22 4050 9248
Indonesia Ms Denok Sri Sukartinah
Country Manager
+62 21 520 0407
Malaysia Ms Kar-Yee Ong
Country Officer
+603 2615 7319
North America (Canada and US) Joanna Buckingham
International Office Network Manager
+61 3 8344 8827
Singapore Fiona Burns
International Office Network Coordinator
+61 3 8344 0598

Regional Managers

Our Regional Managers look after all other countries around the world.

Regions/CountriesRegional ManagerTelephoneEmail
Australia & New Zealand

John Paul Collins
Recruitment Relationship Manager, Onshore Recruitment

+61 3 8344 5619
Europe, Russia and the United Kingdom Samantha Fossey
Recruitment Manager, Offshore Recruitment
+61 3 9035 6330
Japan, The Philippines Patricia Migallos
Account Manager, Offshore Recruitment
+61 3 8344 2616
Africa, Central Asia, Mexico, South America Kimberley Nance
Recruitment Manager, Offshore Recruitment
+61 3 8344 6096
Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Taiwan Jessica Yan
Recruitment Manager, Offshore Recruitment
+61 3 8344 9820
South East Asia & Sri Lanka Claire Bingley
Recruitment Manager, Offshore Recruitment
+61 3 8344 9656
Middle East, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey/North Africa, Mauritius & Nepal Ti-Ming Boon
Recruitment Manager, Offshore Recruitment
+61 3 8344 9766