Undergraduate courses

Flexible yet focused, Melbourne's undergraduate degrees equip you to solve the problems of the future.

Whether you already have your career path mapped out, or are open to new possibilities, you can tailor your studies to suit your interests and goals.

You can focus on a particular career from day one, or follow new and exciting options as you discover them.

Melbourne undergraduate degrees

Bachelor of Agriculture studentBachelor of Arts videoBachelor of Biomedicine video
Bachelor of AgricultureBachelor of ArtsBachelor of Biomedicine
Bachelor of Commerce videoBachelor of Design imageBachelor of Fine Arts student
Bachelor of CommerceBachelor of DesignBachelor of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Music videoBachelor of Oral Health studentBachelor of Science video
Bachelor of MusicBachelor of Oral HealthBachelor of Science
Diploma in General StudiesMelbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship 

Become an expert in your field

In your undergraduate (bachelors) degree, you'll develop a deep understanding of a particular study area from first to third year. This core study area is called your 'major'.

With nearly 100 major fields of study to choose from, you can select a major that fits with your career aspirations and study it in depth to develop specialised knowledge.

Get an edge with breadth

Most Melbourne degrees allow you to choose subjects from outside your core study area. We call this the 'breadth' component of your degree. With breadth you can:

  • Develop your interests and discover new opportunities you might never have thought about before
  • Gain knowledge and understanding across a broader range of disciplines
  • Develop new ways of thinking in areas distinct from the main fields of study in your degree
  • Pursue a skill or passion, such as music or law
  • Study something you've always been interested in that isn't part of your major
  • Complement your core studies by learning to look at issues from a different angle
  • Work with students from different courses – just as you would in the workplace.

Find out more about breadth.

Earn an extra qualification

Concurrent diplomas allow you to study an extra qualification alongside your degree. This can enhance your employability and allow you to develop detailed knowledge in an area outside your main area of study.

Diplomas are available in the following areas:

Extend your knowledge with honours

Honours is a fourth year of study that draws together the theory and practical skills gained in your degree. It enables you to develop new research and professional skills, and gain in-depth knowledge in your particular interest area.

During your honours year you would normally complete an individual research project, as well as attend classes and complete assignments at an advanced level.

Honours is available in the following degrees: