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Diagram of degree pathways at Melbourne

Undergraduate degrees – your first degree

You begin with an undergraduate degree (sometimes called a bachelors degree), which usually takes three years to complete. You will develop a deep understanding of a particular study area (your 'major'), while gaining a breadth of knowledge that will set you apart from your competitors.

After completing your degree you can move straight into the workforce, or continue on to further study.

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Currently, we are ranked #11 in the world for graduate employability *

Graduate degrees

After you've completed your first degree, you can choose to continue on to graduate study. A graduate degree will set you up to become a leader in your field, and open up a wider range of career opportunities and earning potential.

Graduate coursework degrees

These programs are ideal if you're already trained in a particular area and are looking to advance your knowledge. They can help you to increase your earning potential, get a promotion or move into a new career area.

Graduate coursework degrees are offered in many areas including Business Administration (MBA), Marketing, Urban Design, Engineering Management, Environment, Criminology, Agribusiness, Music and more.

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Graduate research degrees

Would you like to research alongside international leaders? You could consider taking on a graduate research degree, such as a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Master of Philosophy (MPhil) or Masters by Research.

You will work together with an academic mentor to tackle the challenging issues facing the world.

Graduate researchers usually complete an honours year following their undergraduate degree. This allows for further development of your research and writing skills before embarking on graduate study.

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* QS World University Rankings 2017