Teaching and learning

Melbourne has a great reputation that is based on the quality of our teaching and learning, our innovative Melbourne Model, our status as Australia’s highest-ranked research university and the fact that Melbourne is one of this country’s oldest universities.

The excellent performance of the University in teaching and learning is consistently recognised.

As a student, you will benefit from:

  • new learning spaces, with the latest multimedia technology to aid interactive learning
  • undergraduate degrees designed to provide both depth and breadth of learning
  • clear pathways from undergraduate studies to employment, professional programs and research
  • a graduate school experience unique to Australia, inspired by international best practice, with more intensive and better supported professional and research training.

Our comprehensive range of academic programs can be tailored to accommodate your talents and goals. We encourage you to explore broad intellectual, social, political and historical contexts both in and outside the classroom. With our redesigned curriculum, we have aligned the University and your degree with the best of US, European and Asian higher education.

Read more about undergraduate courses, graduate courses, and our new generation Melbourne degrees.