Take your rightful place

At a Melbourne Graduate School

The University of Melbourne’s world class graduate schools attract Australia’s best and brightest Indigenous students from all over the country. At the peak of their game, academically and professionally, Melbourne’s Indigenous graduate students are fulfilling their potential as Australia’s highest achievers and leaders.

When you make the decision to embark on graduate study, you need to know you’ll be studying in the right place, with the best teachers, the most ground-breaking research, and alongside fellow students who share your aspiration to become leaders and achievers in their chosen field.

As Australia’s leading university, the University of Melbourne has, like you, proven its credentials.

We attract Australia’s best and brightest students. We boast the best graduate schools in the country. We have Australia’s finest teachers and most curious researchers.

Our Indigenous students receive specialised support, not only through the Murrup Barak Melbourne Institute for Indigenous Development at the Parkville campus and the Wilin Centre (supporting students from the Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music), but also from our student centre. Later, if you go on to do research, Murrup Barak offers a Summer School program in Indigenous research skills.

The University of Melbourne is your rightful place.