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Andreas's story

Current employment
I am a Fair Trading Officer for Consumer Affairs at the Northern Territory Department of the Attorney-General and Justice. I advise businesses, consumers and manufacturers about their responsibilities under the Australian Consumer Law. Additionally, I formally conciliate disputes between consumers and business.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Melbourne?
During year 11 and 12 I looked into who the best universities in Australia were. The University of Melbourne was the only real choice.

What did you like about studying at Melbourne?
Besides the excellent quality of teaching in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, I loved the mix of history and bleeding edge modernity.

How did your studies help you attain your current role, or advance your career?
Between degrees I worked for the Australian Customs Service. I wanted to continue working for government but in more intellectually stimulating roles, as a result I studied Law. Since graduating I have worked at the Department of the Attorney-General and Justice, first as Solicitor for the Northern Territory as a Graduate Clerk, then as a Lawyer, and now at Consumer Affairs.

What would you say to prospective students considering studying at the University of Melbourne?
If you’re seeking the best education in Australia in one of the most vibrant cities there’s only one choice.

When did you start your graduate study at the University of Melbourne? What course did you study?
I started in February 2008 – I was part of the first cohort to start the Juris Doctor.

What made you decide to undertake your graduate study at the University of Melbourne?
While working at Customs I found out that the JD was starting in 2008. It was exactly the opportunity I was looking for – legal study for graduate students over a 3-year period, and at my alma mater.

What aspects did you most enjoy most about your graduate study with the University of Melbourne?
The study was quite gruelling, so completing the degree was an amazing feeling of achievement. During the study I think the support of fellow students and the engagement of lecturers really made the difference.

Coming from interstate, how did you find living in Melbourne, studying at the University of Melbourne and the support services made available to you?
Melbourne is an exciting vibrant city with countless, sporting, arts and entertainment opportunities. It was an amazing place to study in because when I needed a break or wanted to meet up with friends there was always something to do! I personally found the then Centre for Indigenous Education (I believe it’s now called Murrup Barak) invaluable as a place to study and give and receive support from other students. The staff there was always really helpful in other aspects of student life, such as supplying references and organising tutoring.

Did you receive any scholarships during your study at Melbourne?
I received a National Indigenous Scholarship during my Bachelor of Arts, without the scholarship the move to Melbourne may not have been possible. With the scholarship I was able to focus on my studies rather than worrying about work to be able to study in Melbourne.