Information for Overseas Representatives

Manual and Resource Kit

To access the Manual and Resource Kit, please contact your Regional Manager.

Contact a representative

You can apply for study, and manage your application direct with the University of Melbourne.

You can also get assistance from the University’s official overseas representatives (education agents) in your country*.

Our official representatives can help with lodging an application, accepting your offer, or applying for a student visa (if you are admitted to the University).

* This assistance is not available to domestic students, prospective exchange students, Australia Awards (formerly AusAID) applicants, or current UoM international students. If you are a current or recently graduated UoM international student please contact 13MELB for advice and assistance.

If you decide to use an overseas representative
(education agent)

Who can provide assistance?

  • The education agents you can use are listed by country and city below.
  • You can only use the education agents listed for your country of residence, education and/or employment. All of the services you receive must be delivered by the staff in these agencies.
  • The University will not liaise with any other education agents or migration agents acting on your behalf.
  • You can only use one education agent at a time.

What services do they provide?

  • Our education agents can provide a range of services to help you with your application process.
  • Their responsibilities include providing you with information relating to: the University and its facilities; the courses offered, course fees and refund conditions; living in Australia and the local environment; information about our campus location and costs of living; visa requirements; the educational qualifications and any other criteria required for acceptance into a course (such as the English language requirements).

Are there fees and charges for using an education agent?

  • Some education agents may charge fees on top of the University’s application fee for some services.
  • Make sure you ask your education agent about all of their fees and charges before agreeing to use their services.

Education Agent Nomination and Authorisation Form

  • You must complete this form if you have appointed a University of Melbourne education agent to assist you with your application to the University of Melbourne.
  • The form must be completed by the applicant and not the education agent.
  • Download the form here.


  • The University and its education agents are subject to the requirements of the ESOS Act and related laws.
  • The University pays overseas representatives a fee for the services they provide to applicants.
Overseas representatives

Search for a registered education agent in your country*:

*The countries shown here align with the country lists maintained by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs ( note that China, as shown here, means Mainland China (China excluding Special Administrative Regions and Taiwan).