Why should I apply?

The Extension Program is free *

The University of Melbourne does not charge any fees for participation in the Extension Program. All course and subject fees, on campus teaching costs, student services, events and activities provided to Extension Program students are provided free of charge.

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"After my experience in the Extension Program, there was no doubt I’d choose Melbourne for my degree!"

"Highlights for me were meeting new and like-minded people, experiencing university first-hand and studying something I really enjoyed while completing Year 12. After my experience in the Extension Program, there was no doubt I’d choose Melbourne for my degree!"

Sam Davies
Extension Program Physics
Currently studying the Bachelor of Science

"After my experience in the Extension Program, there was no doubt I’d choose Melbourne for my degree!"

Sam Davies
Extension Program Physics
Currently studying the Bachelor of Science

The University of Melbourne allows off-campus School Centres to set reasonable fees for students who wish to study at a location closer to their school or home. These fees are used to cover some of the expenses incurred by partner School Centres through delivery of the program. These fees are reviewed annually and cover costs including printing, teaching and learning resources, venue hire and staff costs. Not all School Centres charge fees, but the fee information for those that do is detailed on the Subjects in 2018 page.

Experience university life

The Extension Program offers a real university experience. Many Extension Program classes are held at our beautiful campus in Parkville, where you will study alongside first-year undergraduate university students. You will have access to the Library network, and receive a University of Melbourne student card and email account. Extension Program students can also utilise teaching, learning and study spaces on campus, and benefit from a range of online resources including the Student Portal and Learning Management System. Extension Program students are also welcome to join many of the Student Union's 200 affiliated clubs and societies.

Earn an ATAR contribution

Your Extension Program studies will make a valuable contribution to your final ATAR. The contribution you earn depends on the results you achieve. To learn more about how successful completion of the program could contribute to your ATAR, visit the Earn an ATAR contribution page.

Earn university credit

If you enrol in a University of Melbourne undergraduate degree after finishing Year 12, you could receive credit for the subjects you have completed in Year 12 (without any university tuition fees) as an Extension Program student. You could choose to accelerate through your degree, enjoy a lighter study load in first-year or study additional subjects to open up more career options.

Support and services

Extension Program students are supported by the High Achievers’ team in the University’s External Relations department. This single point of contact for Extension Program students means that it is quick and easy to seek assistance when you need it. The High Achievers’ team provides assistance with enrolment, timetabling, exam and assessment scheduling, special consideration, IT access and much more.

All Extension Program students enjoy free access to the University of Melbourne’s suite of student services including Academic Skills, Counselling and Psychological Services, Student Equity and Disability Support, Student IT, Chaplaincy, the Health Service, Melbourne University Sport and Murrup Barak.

If you experience circumstances that adversely affect your Extension Program studies you may be eligible to receive Special Consideration from the University. Special Consideration can be granted for circumstances including short-term illness, hardship or trauma, religious observance, disability or chronic illness, carer’s responsibilities, elite athlete or artistic performer requirements.

If you have a disability or medical condition support is available if you require adjustments to teaching and assessment, attendance requirements and other aspects of your studies so you can participate on an equitable basis. Extension Program staff will work with the Student Equity and Disability Support (SEDS) service to ensure students with disabilities are supported during their studies. Adjustments can be made for reasons that include the impact of a health or medical condition, including for mental health and wellbeing concerns.

The SEDS team can also coordinate adjustments and support where students are competing in sports or performing in the arts at elite levels, where caring responsibilities unreasonably impact on studies and for reasons of religious or cultural observance.

Maximise your VCE success

Extension Program students often report that the program helped them to become more confident in their academic abilities. Completing first-year undergraduate subjects can improve your study skills overall, and may help you achieve stronger results in your VCE or IB studies. As an Extension Program student, you can participate in free VCE revision lectures led by top teachers and past exam assessors. You will also have access to academic support services such as Library network and Academic Skills.

Meet other High Achievers

Extension Program students are invited to a range of free academic, social and leadership events on campus throughout the year, starting with the Extension Program Welcome Day in late January. Come along to these events to meet fellow Extension Program students and students from other High Achievers programs including the Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program, learn more about the Extension Program and the University of Melbourne and develop your academic skills and leadership potential.

Upon successful completion of your Extension Program studies, you will be invited to a graduation event in mid-December where you will receive your completion certificate and official transcript, and have the opportunity to celebrate your success as a high-achieving Extension Program student with your family and fellow students.

Start building an impressive résumé

Completing the Extension Program is an amazing achievement that will be recorded on your University of Melbourne academic transcript. Academic achievement awards are also presented to the highest-achieving Extension Program student in each subject area.

You can start building an impressive résumé before you’ve even finished secondary school!

No penalty for withdrawal or failure

Your final year of secondary school study is an important one, and your Year 12 studies at school should be your priority. If your Extension Program studies begin to compromise your VCE or IB studies at any point during your participation in the program, you can seek advice and support from the University and withdraw without penalty if necessary.

If you withdraw from or fail the Extension Program you will not experience any disadvantage when subsequently applying to study at the University of Melbourne or any other tertiary institution. If you withdraw from the Extension Program in Semester 2, after successful completion of your Semester 1 subject, you will still receive credit for completing that subject. Furthermore, your withdrawal or failure will not be recorded by the University or by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).