FAQs for schools

  • What is the nomination process?

    The process is outlined on the application and selection page.

  • When do we receive our nomination log-in code?

    Details regarding the nomination process and confidential unique school log in code are sent via post to the school Principal, Year 10 Coordinator and Careers Practitioners at participating schools in September each year.

    Schools are asked to keep details of their unique log in confidential to internal school staff only. The log in is not to be shared with students or parents. This ensures the school nominations statement is kept separate and confidential from the applicants.

  • What are the eligibility criteria?

    Eligibility criteria are listed on the eligibility page.

  • Which students should I nominate?

    You are encouraged to nominate the students who would most benefit from participating in a tailored academic enrichment program.

    The University particularly encourages nomination of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

  • Do I need to rank students in order of the school’s preference?

    Schools are requested to identify the one student they would rank the highest in terms of eligibility for participation. This is a mandatory part of the nomination process. The identity of this top ranked student will only be disclosed to the selection committee and not provided to applicants or their families.

  • Which NSW and SA border schools are eligible to participate?

    Eligible schools are listed on the NSW/SA border schools page.

  • How many students from my school will be selected?

    At least one and possibly a second student from each school who puts forward an eligible student will be selected.

  • What if my school only teaches up to Year 10?

    Schools may nominate Year 10 students who will commence Year 11 at a different school the following year. Nominated students will need to include the name of the school where they intend to complete their Year 11 and 12 studies in their application. The University of Melbourne will advise both the school where the student has completed Year 10 and the school where the student is undertaking Year 11 of the outcome of the student’s application.

  • What if a KLD Young Scholar changes schools?

    If the Young Scholar changes secondary school within Victoria or to an approved border New South Wales or South Australia school they can retain their status as a Young Scholar and continue their participation in the program at their new school. Young Scholars are required to immediately inform the Young Scholars Coordinator of their change of secondary school.

    If this change means your school will no longer have a Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholar in that year level, your school Principal or an appropriate representative can contact the University to identify another student who may be selected.