Welcome Event for Sponsored Students - May 2017

Group photo sponsors event may 2017

On 4 May 70 sponsored students and some of their sponsor bodies gathered together for our annual Welcome Event for International Sponsored Students held at The University of Melbourne.

Students heard a welcome address from Deputy Provost (Academic and Undergraduate) Professor Richard James and were reminded about how special their time at The University of Melbourne is and how important they are to the University’s student body, research output and overall culture.

We then heard from 3 current students who all shared their unique experiences.

Shazia Ruybal, a PhD student from Ecuador shared her experiences as the President of EREN (Ecuador Research and Entrepreneurship Network) and showed students how they can form strong influential groups with each other while here in Australia and have impact.

Dani Ardiyanto from Indonesia (sponsored by LPDP) explained how he has transitioned in his first year of his Masters after having been in the workforce for a number of years and also with the additional challenges of moving his family here with him.

Chowlen Lim shared his journey through the various positions he has held within the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) International and how he got to be the Cultural and Social Vice President 2016/17. He explained what a different being involved in these types of clubs can have on your experience as a student and the various soft skills he has gained during his time involved with UMSU International.

Phillip O’Neill, Catherine Mann and Guido Ernst from Student Success closed the proceedings by reminding students of all the support and services available to them during their studies. We are here to ensure students reach their academic potential.

Students from 20 different countries mingled with each other, sponsor delegates from Indonesia and University staff. It was great to see new friendships and connections formed that will hopefully last for the remainder of their student journey and beyond.